Newest HIPAA Compliance Officer

We are proud to announce that Ezequiel Ignacio LiontiSenior Account Manager at MDabroad Buenos Aires, has just concluded the following courses:

  • HIPAA Awareness for Insurance Agents & Brokers, and
  • HIPAA Security  

Ezequiel has been with MDabroad for 10 years now and is one of our most valued Account Managers.

MDabroad manages international patient accounts and provider financial solutions to hospitals in the US and worldwide. It provides billing services and is a pioneer in the industry, offering cash flow and prefunding services for large claims payable by international insurers. MDabroad also services payers in offering network access and cost savings associated with cash flow services.

As a Senior Account Manager, his primary duties include:

Servicing a portfolio of high-value clients of $ 1M+ each:
Liaising with insurers and assessing
Assessing risk with MDabroad Financial Director
Extensive internal reporting

We congratulate him on this and all his other accomplishments in the Company.

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