International Medical Coverage: You Are Probably Covered

To the surprise of many, your domestic insurance plan may cover you overseas.

Under many policies, emergencies require insurance companies to cover the member, irrespective of location.

Over the past sixteen years, MDabroad has been managing such claims and, although we have seen caveats and some insurers tougher to deal with than others, plans are increasingly offering this type of coverage. Some insurers are more consistent and effective than others, while other insurers may cover overseas medical claims but make the reimbursement process very difficult for providers, necessitating payment direct from patients since a patient filing for reimbursement is likely to be paid more quickly than a medical provider.

Who are the top insurers for international claims?

Blue Cross Blue Shield Association has a product offered to most home plans called BlueCard Worldwide. They have been offering this for decades and it is known by international hospitals around the world as a reliable and universally acceptable form of insurance in the case of emergency cases. While Aetna does not have a specific product for their domestic policies, they are proficient at settling claims for members. Cigna is similar.

The main issue for medical providers is that sending a bill to those insurance companies is very difficult without the help of a company like MDabroad, so patients are required in many cases to file out of pocket.

If medical costs are covered, is it important to buy travel insurance?

Good question.

©MDabroad, 2016


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